Stocks to Buy now in Bse Nse from 16.04.2018

Shares to buy now tips are based on technical analysis performed using our software StocktechTM and for positional trading as short or long term investments. All our Stock to buy tips are supported with Technical Patterns and indicators which gives you more freedom to make your decision for profitable trading of stocks in Nse. Become a technical analyst on your own by using our   Stock charting Software StocktechTM.

Shares to Buy Tips for Short Term or Long Term Investment

Strategy for all investments: Follow Bottom Up approach which means buy only on declines. Do not buy on up move. Buy only small lots. For example : If you have money to buy 100 stocks buy only 50. Buy next 50 after a decent fall. Don't be over enthusiastic to buy. Hesitate to buy. Keep strict stop loss which means do not buy at that level if you have not bought already. If you have bought already book loss and get out of the stock.

Stocks to Buy now in India April 2018

Stock to Buy 1 : IBVENTURES (NSE Code) Signal : Long term double tops crossed with higher volume. Stop Loss : 295 Target : 335 (Short term)

Share to Buy

Share to Buy 2 : GPIL (NSE Code) Signal : Consolidation near historic high. Bullish break out expected any time. Stop Loss : 525 Target : 570 (Short term)

Stock to Buy

Shares to Buy 3 : ESCORTS (NSE Code) Signal : Monsoon related stock. Bullish break out after consolidation near minor top after consolidation with higher volume. Stop Loss : 930 Target : 970 (Short term)

Stocks to Buy


Stock to Buy 4 : GSFC (NSE Code) Signal : Triple tops crossed with higher volume. Stop Loss : 122 Target : 134 (Short term) Also watch other fertilizer stocks such as RCF, NFL etc.

Stock to Buy

Stock to Buy 5 : PHILIPCARB (NSE Code) Signal : Bullish engulfing pattern near minor bottom. Stop Loss : 1100 Target : 1165 (Short term)

Indian Stocks to Buy

Stock to Buy 6 : WSTCSTPAPR (NSE Code) Signal : Triple tops crossed with higher volume. Stop Loss : 285 Target : 305 (Short term)

Indian Shares to Buy

Stock to Buy 7 : ASHOKLEY (NSE Code) Signal : Triple tops crossed with higher volume. Stop Loss : 144 Target : 155 (Short term)

Indian Stock to Buy

Stocks to sell now in India April 2018

Stock to sell 1 : ATULAUTO (NSE Code) Signal : Triple bottoms breached with increased volume. Stop Loss : 435 Target : 419 (Short term)

Indian Share to Sell

Stock to sell 2 : RBL (NSE Code) Signal : Bearish engulfing pattern near minor top with higher volume. Stop Loss : 1150 Target : 1075 (Short term)

Stock to Sell

Stock to sell 3 : CUMMINSIND (NSE Code) Signal : Previous bottom breached with increased volume. Stop Loss : 740 Target : 715 (Short term)

Indian Stock to Sell

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Best Trading Strategies for Short or Long Term investments in Stock market

• Strictly adhere to Stop loss.

• Before entering in to trade analyse stocks on the basis of Technical indicators like moving average, Trend line, Trend Channel Patterns, Engulfing, doji, Breakout, Oscillator etc and don't Trade against the trend.

• When people are selling be a buyer. When people are buying be a seller.

• Avoid purchase of stocks when market value of that stock crash.

• Stop loss & Exit to be decided before entering in to the trade.

• Do not have any sentimental attachment with any stock.

• Periodic Profit booking to be done by selling and re-purchase of stocks.

• Do not over trade. Trade only up to 50 % of your Trading capital.

• Do not trade on the basis of rumours.

• It is better to follow Monthly stop loss and stop loss or trade.

• Do not keep all your stock holdings in same sector,distribute your investment to various sectors ie. Diversification of investment to be done.

• Do not invest more than 10% value of your Trading capital in any single stock.

• Buy the stocks whenever there is some bad news and sell the stocks whenever there is good news.

Stock News for the week

o NIFTY 10660 level may offer stiff resistance. Bullish if it is crossed

o Book profits on rallies as Nifty50 likely to consolidate in a range of 10,300-10,500

o Infosys Q4 profit falls 28% QoQ to Rs 3,690 cr; FY19 constant currency revenue guidance in line

o New Infosys CEO Parekh caps in-line FY18 by reversing Sikka's Panaya, Skava buys

o Infosys announces acquisition of US firm WongDoody Holding for $75 million

o Infosys puts up its subsidiaries Skava and Panaya for sale

o Deepak Kochhar’s NuPower sold arm to A-One, part of debt-laden group, for Rs 116 cr

o Podcast | Nifty fails to close above 10500 but rallies 1.4% for the week ended April 13

o India's forex reserves at record high of $424.8 billion

o Hindustan Unilever drags 3 former employees to court for data theft

o Hindustan Unilever appoints Sanjiv Mehta as Chairman

o India's factory output expands at 7.1% in February vs 7.5% (MoM)

o GMR Group to invest Rs 1,000 crore to develop aerospace & defence hub

o Regional offices of I-T collected Rs 1 L cr, but staff says it doesn't have money to pay for essentials

o FB committed to ensure integrity of elections in India and other countries: Zuckerberg

o ICICI Bank falls 2% after report says directors to meet to discuss Chanda Kochhar

o ICICI Bank investigation poses risks to reputation and financial profile of the bank: Fitch

o PM Narendra Modi turns down Indian Railways' signalling plan worth Rs 78,000 crore