Stocks to Buy now in Bse Nse from 01.12.2020

Shares to buy now tips are based on technical analysis of stocks performed using our software StocktechTM and for positional trading as short or long term investments. All our Stock to buy tips are supported with Technical Patterns and indicators which gives you more freedom to make your decision for profitable trading of stocks in Nse. Become a technical analyst on your own by using our   Stock charting Software StocktechTM.

Shares to Buy Tips for Short Term or Long Term Investment

Strategy for all investments: Follow Bottom Up approach which means buy only on declines. Do not buy on up move. Buy only small lots. For example : If you have money to buy 100 stocks buy only 50. Buy next 50 after a decent fall. Don't be over enthusiastic to buy. Hesitate to buy. Keep strict stop loss which means do not buy at that level if you have not bought already. If you have bought already book loss and get out of the stock.

Stocks to Buy now in India December 2020

Stock to Buy 1 : RAMCOCEM (NSE Code) Signal : Double tops crossed with higher volume near historic high. Buy Above : 899.55 Stop Loss : 865 Target : 922.20 (Short term)

Share to Buy

Share to Buy 2 : ROUTE (NSE Code) Signal : Bullish gap up breakout. Locked in upper circuit filter. Buy Above : 1056.25 Stop Loss : 1016.55 Target : 1088.45 (Short term)

Stock to Buy

Shares to Buy 3 : TATAMOTORS (NSE Code) Signal : Bullish pennant breakout with higher volume. Buy Above : 182.25 Stop Loss : 165.85 Target : 195.90 (Short term)

Stocks to Buy

Stock to Buy 4 : HINDZINC (NSE Code) Signal : Bullish pennant breakout with higher volume. Buy Above : 232.55 Stop Loss : 214 Target : 247.95 (Short term)

Stock to Buy

Stock to Buy 5 : NH (NSE Code) Signal : Pennant breakout with very high volume. Buy Above : 390.05 Stop Loss : 365.95 Target : 409.85 (Short term)

Indian Stocks to Buy


Stock to Buy 6 : OBEROIRLTY (NSE Code) Signal : Trend line crossed with higher volume. Buy Above : 467.65 Stop Loss : 441.25 Target : 489.30 (Short term)

Indian Shares to Buy

Stocks to sell now in India December 2020

Stock to sell 1 : REDINGTON (NSE Code) Signal : Bearish engulfing candlestick pattern with higher volume. Sell Below : 129.40 Stop Loss : 143.95 Target : 118.35 (Short term)

Indian Share to Sell

Stock to sell 2 : FSC (NSE Code) Signal : Gravestone formation after bearish marubozu engulfing pattern. Locked in lower circuit filter. Sell Below : 100 Stop Loss : 112.85 Target : 90.30 (Short term)

Stock to Sell

Stock to sell 3 : GEPIL (NSE Code) Signal : 13 days DMA curve breached with very high volume. Sell Below : 272.25 Stop Loss : 293.15 Target : 256.15 (Short term)

Indian Stock to Sell

Stock to Sell 4 : MOIL (NSE Code) Signal : 13 days DMA curve breached with higher volume. Sell Below : 121.00 Stop Loss : 135.05 Target : 110.30 (Short term)

Stock to Sell now

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Best Trading Strategies for Short or Long Term investments in Stock market

o Strictly adhere to Stop loss.

o Before entering in to trade analyse stocks on the basis of Technical indicators like moving average, Trend line, Trend Channel Patterns, Engulfing, doji, Breakout, Oscillator etc and don't Trade against the trend.

o When people are selling be a buyer. When people are buying be a seller.

o Avoid purchase of stocks when market value of that stock crash.

o Stop loss & Exit to be decided before entering in to the trade.

o Do not have any sentimental attachment with any stock.

o Periodic Profit booking to be done by selling and re-purchase of stocks.

o Do not over trade. Trade only up to 50 % of your Trading capital.

o Do not trade on the basis of rumours.

o It is better to follow Monthly stop loss and stop loss or trade.

o Do not keep all your stock holdings in same sector,distribute your investment to various sectors ie. Diversification of investment to be done.

o Do not invest more than 10% value of your Trading capital in any single stock.

o Buy the stocks whenever there is some bad news and sell the stocks whenever there is good news.

Stock News for the week

o Technical View: Nifty weekly forms a Spinning top candlestick at the historic high

o Technical View: Nifty Daily is consolidating at 13000 levels. Likely to hit 14000 level shortly

o Q2 GDP numbers surprise positively, likely to give impetus to market

o Market hits record highs on 4 straight weeks of gains supported by FIIs

o India's fiscal deficit for April-October stands at Rs 9.53 lakh crore

o India October eight core industries growth at -2.5%

o LVB-DBS merger: More investors to join legal battle, make case for a fair valuation

o Fidelity invests in Nykaa via secondary shares

o Schools won't be reopened till government convinced about student safety, Delhi Health Minister Saytendra Jain

o LVB-DBS Bank merger: Govt approves final scheme of amalgamation; no change in equity write-off clause

o Will the US court rule against the tighter H-1B visa rule that comes into effect on December 7?

o Depressed valuation makes PSU stocks attractive

o Kerala withdraws controversial law, but cyber crime in India is rising, show data

o Ola, Uber rides likely to get cheaper as government caps surge fares

o India import hurdles hit Apple iPhone, Xiaomi devices from China

o Nifty has climbed 73% in eight months but 141 stocks have rallied 100-773%

o IPO-bound Biocon Biologics in talks with Abu Dhabi fund ADQ to raise fresh capital

o Govt likely to ease fund-raising norms for Investment Trusts soon

o Tata Group, Singapore Airlines infuse Rs 585 crore in Vistara: Report

o Govt likely to ease fund-raising norms for Investment Trusts soon

o NPS equity schemes of HDFC and Birla Sun Life outperform mutual funds over 3 years

o NSE expels Karvy Stock Broking, scraps membership