Stocks to Buy now in Bse Nse from 25.06.2018

Shares to buy now tips are based on technical analysis performed using our software StocktechTM and for positional trading as short or long term investments. All our Stock to buy tips are supported with Technical Patterns and indicators which gives you more freedom to make your decision for profitable trading of stocks in Nse. Become a technical analyst on your own by using our   Stock charting Software StocktechTM.

Shares to Buy Tips for Short Term or Long Term Investment

Strategy for all investments: Follow Bottom Up approach which means buy only on declines. Do not buy on up move. Buy only small lots. For example : If you have money to buy 100 stocks buy only 50. Buy next 50 after a decent fall. Don't be over enthusiastic to buy. Hesitate to buy. Keep strict stop loss which means do not buy at that level if you have not bought already. If you have bought already book loss and get out of the stock.

Stocks to Buy now in India June 2018

Stock to Buy 1 : FRETAIL (NSE Code) Signal : Bullish engulfing pattern. Trend line crossed with increased volume. Stop Loss : 563 Target : 590 (Short term)

Share to Buy

Share to Buy 2 : HIRECT (NSE Code) Signal : Harami pattern with higher volume. Stop Loss : 113 Target : 135 (Short term)

Stock to Buy

Shares to Buy 3 : AMBUJACEM (NSE Code) Signal : Pennant formation with increaseed volume. Stop Loss : 200 Target : 212 (Short term)

Stocks to Buy


Stock to Buy 4 : ENDURANCE (NSE Code) Signal : Long legged doji pattern near minor top after consolidation. Stop Loss : 1275 Target : 1325 (Short term)

Stock to Buy

Stock to Buy 5 : CIPLA (NSE Code) Signal : Consolidation near minor top. Bullish break out expected any time. Stop Loss : 600 Target : 630 (Short term) Also watch LUPIN

Indian Stocks to Buy

Stocks to sell now in India June 2018

Stock to sell 1 : GRANULES (NSE Code) Signal : Gap down bearish break down with higher volume. Stop Loss : 90 Target : 75 (Short term)

Indian Share to Sell

Stock to sell 2 : TEJASNET (NSE Code) Signal : Triple bottoms breached with higher volume. Stop Loss : 310 Target : 295 (Short term) Also watch AGCNET

Stock to Sell

Stock to sell 3 : MAHLOG (NSE Code) Signal : Previous support level breached with increased volume. Stop Loss : 612 Target : 585 (Short term)

Indian Stock to Sell

Stock to Sell 4 : FINCABLES (NSE Code) Signal : Double bottoms breached with higher volume. Stop Loss : 610 Target : 580 (Short term)

Stock to Sell now

Stock to sell 5 : GET&D (NSE Code) Signal : Gravestone formation after consolidation with higher volume. Stop Loss : 305 Target : 270 (Short term)

Stock to Sell now in Nse

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Best Trading Strategies for Short or Long Term investments in Stock market

o Strictly adhere to Stop loss.

o Before entering in to trade analyse stocks on the basis of Technical indicators like moving average, Trend line, Trend Channel Patterns, Engulfing, doji, Breakout, Oscillator etc and don't Trade against the trend.

o When people are selling be a buyer. When people are buying be a seller.

o Avoid purchase of stocks when market value of that stock crash.

o Stop loss & Exit to be decided before entering in to the trade.

o Do not have any sentimental attachment with any stock.

o Periodic Profit booking to be done by selling and re-purchase of stocks.

o Do not over trade. Trade only up to 50 % of your Trading capital.

o Do not trade on the basis of rumours.

o It is better to follow Monthly stop loss and stop loss or trade.

o Do not keep all your stock holdings in same sector,distribute your investment to various sectors ie. Diversification of investment to be done.

o Do not invest more than 10% value of your Trading capital in any single stock.

o Buy the stocks whenever there is some bad news and sell the stocks whenever there is good news.

Stock News for the week

o Nifty consolidating at 10800 level. Bullish break out expected any time

o Technical View: Nifty forms 'Bullish Engulfing' pattern; 10,850 crucial for bulls for next rally

o Sensex closes lower by 115 pts amid trade war fears; all eyes on OPEC meeting

o Rupee to hit 70/dollar by H1 CY19 on rising trade deficit and political uncertainty

o Pharma, IT, auto among 6 sectors that could see double-digit growth: UTI AMC

o OPEC reaches deal to raise oil output by 1 million barrels per day from July

o Late rally in banks lift Sensex 257 pts, Nifty above 10,800; HDFC and Bajaj Fin twins lead

o Vishal Sikka denies Teradata's IP theft charges

o Sony claims over 47 million viewers watched first 4 games in India

o ICICI Bank may appoint MD Mallya as new chairman: Report

o RITES IPO fully subscribed on Day 2 of issue; retail segment at 3.2x

o Amazon, Myntra offer discounts up to 80%, Flipkart gives deals on phones

o Motilal Oswal: Investors with an appetite for some volatility can accumulate for long term

o Bank of Baroda relying on AI, blockchain and robotics to scale up business

o PNB scam: Lapses at many levels of bank led to huge fraud, internal report shows

o HDFC Bank asks executive to 'don't engage customer further' and assign 'if ranting' on Twitter query

o Chanda Kochhar may have stepped aside at ICICI, but her shadow looms large

o India sees 20% rise in dollar millionaires despite GST impact: Report

o Indian pharma cos may soon find a way to the lucrative Chinese market

o Better gender equality will add $770 billion to India’s GDP by 2025

o KEC International: Valuations reasonable, new businesses to sustain momentum

o CLSA bets on HDFC with a buy call and target of Rs 2,200; upside of 20%

o TCS buyback tad lower than expectations & slightly negative on EPS: Brokerages

o ED files fresh charges against Vijay Mallya under new regulation: Sources