3 Virtual Reality Stocks to watch out for in 2023

Once a figment of imagination, and now a reality (ironically), virtual reality (VR) has garnered great interest over the years. With the introduction of VR headsets in 2016, VR has the potential to bring about a horde of (much-needed) changes in sectors like healthcare, education, and manufacturing among others.

So far, the high prices of VR headsets, and the lack of cutting-edge content has seen VR stall from reaching the heights expected of it. The introduction of augmented reality (AR) has done it no favours as well. Nevertheless, given the potential application of the technology in the present and the future, there are several virtual reality stocks that you should watch out for in 2023.

We have made the process of gauging virtual reality stocks much easier for you – here are 3 virtual reality stocks to look out for in 2023. All the listed stocks can be traded, for instance, with a popular broker IQ Option, which allows their trading to Indian traders with up to 1:20 leverage.

Best Virtual Reality Stocks in 2023

  • Microsoft

Microsoft delves into VR headsets, video games, cloud services, and platform software. If you are using a Windows 10 Operating System, you may be aware that Microsoft allows compatible devices to access “Windows Mixed Reality” – a platform which enables running a VR experience.

While VR represents a small portion of what Microsoft does, the company has partnered with the likes of HP, Dell, and Samsung, among other to build VR headsets that run on this platform. Microsoft has not manufactured its own headset at the time of writing.

Do not expect VR to be a big part of Microsoft gaming division in the future. That being said, games like Minecraft among others do offer a VR experience, and are relatively popular. Microsoft’s Azure platform could be benefitted from the rise of VR as well.

Cloud service platforms help reduce hardware requirements, and the rise of VR could see Azure complement it, by helping reduce the hardware requirements associated with VR experiences. 

  • Facebook

When Facebook bought Oculus for a cool $2 billion in 2014, many would have argued that Facebook will lead the VR revolution. While VR hasn’t really taken off yet, in due accordance to what is expected of it, Facebook could be the gold standard for VR, in the near future.

At the time of writing, VR is a small part of what Facebook does. Facebook launched Oculus Go in 2018 – a lower-end VR device costing $149 (initially costing $199), which is idea for 360-degree gaming. Facebook launched Oculus Quest in 2019. While the Oculus Quest is a tad more expensive, with its price starting at $399, it is worth the buy.

With HTC’s launch of Vive Cosmos Play and Vive Cosmos Elite in to attract more customers towards its VR offering in February 2020, expect Facebook to come up with something extravagant in 2020, or beyond.

  • Sony

When it comes to selling VR headsets, no one can beat Sony at the time of writing- they had an excellent 2019. Given the popularity of the PlayStation, it is of no surprise that Sony has delved into VR, to deliver the PlayStation VR. The PlayStation VR is compatible with the PlayStation 4, and the upcoming PlayStation 5 (to be released in the final quarter of 2020).

HTC’s Vive Pro has delivered superior performance, and the Oculus Quest appeals to the public at large – Sony has its work cut out. The PlayStation 5, coupled with the PlayStation VR handset (and upcoming technology) could play a big part in Sony’s standing in the VR industry rising even further. Sony Holds VR licenses for games like Tetris Effect and Resident Evil, and is likely to introduce VR licenses for upcoming games as well.

Conclusion on 3 Virtual Reality Stocks to watch out for in 2023

VR is here to stay, and 2023 is likely to be a launching pad for its rise, and potential applications in other sectors of business. While VR hasn’t taken off to the heights expected of it, when the technology was first launched, it holds great promise. Microsoft, Facebook and Sony are likely to lead the VR revolution, so investing in their stocks could be of the essence in 2023. Companies like Amazon, Alphabet, and Qualcomm among others too, may have a good 2023, when it comes to the VR space.

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